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This website is dedicated towards fishermen and women that fish pay-lakes in and around the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Here you will find Tips and Technical information on fishing Pay-Lakes for big trophy catfish. If you live in the surrounding states or for that matter anywhere and fish pay-lakes, you are more than welcome to join the forum, ask for advice, give advice or just simply Register, Login and show off your catch's by posting your photo's in the appropriate area's.

I would like to take this time to welcome our site sponsor,

My personal review of Springwater Paylake & bait shop

My first impression of Springwater Lake was “WOW” just absolutely stunning, as I pulled in just minutes after 6:00am (it was still dark) Friday morning 9-18-09. I viewed light poles all the way around this lake for night time fishing, I have never seen this at any other pay lake anywhere and I have fished a bunch of them.

These light poles are high enough in the air that they will not blind you while fishing, also they have a shade on them so they are not as bright as you would think, they illuminated the lake perfectly.

Springwater Paylake & bait shop has shelters around the lake as well as being one of the cleanest and well maintained lakes I have fished in a long time. The owners Mark and Lisa are very friendly and are willing to do whatever they can to make your stay as enjoyable as it can be.

I fished most of the day, caught 4 and missed 1 and I am here to tell you that the fish Mark and Lisa have stocked in their lake are some of the healthiest, hardest fighting fish I have encountered, I caught a 26.4 shovelhead and I would have bet money that fish was going to be WELL OVER 30 lbs.

Thanks for the great time Mark & Lisa

I will be back !


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