Who are the Fishbusters?


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    Who are the Fishbusters? Empty Who are the Fishbusters?

    Post  Fishbusters on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:34 pm

    Hi, my name is Chris Owens and my fishin partner Nick Wolf and we are a Fishing Team who travel around the Tri State looking for the next big catch to get a picture on the board and to tell others what a good time we have had. Nick and I have fished together for three years, fishing panfish tournaments at the local parks to the big jackpots held at most paylakes.
    This year we are on a adventure traveling out to see what other paylakes have to offer.
    Our fishin spots so far this year: Marsh Park, Wormies, Tanglewood, Catfish Paradise #2, Whitewater Park, Mitchell Memorial Park, Lake JulieAnn and a couple private fishing spots.
    We are trying to add Springwater Lake to the list this weekend.
    Thanks everyone for reading our post and we have nice pics for the 2010 album.
    Fishbusters affraid

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